3 Tile Styles You’ll Want as a Backsplash

Infuse personality into your kitchen or bathroom.
Kitchen msi surfaces
Photo: Courtesy of MSI Surfaces

If your kitchen or bathroom needs a refresh, using tile as a backsplash is a great idea. Have some fun by selecting the pattern and material then deciding how you want to lay it all out. For a more traditional look, consider staggered brickwork or for something more midcentury modern, try stacking vertically. Tile comes in an array of shapes, sizes and colors — allowing for an unlimited number of patterns.  

Here are some ideas to help get you started.  

Citi Stax Greige

MSI Surfaces’ Citi Stax Greige. Photo: Courtesy of MSI Surfaces


Setting your tiles directly on top of or beside one another will give you a simple, modern look. This style fits in especially well with midcentury design. MSI Surfaces offers a Citi Stax Greige pattern which you can lay out on top of each other or side by side.  

Bathroom 0275 Hiresjpg

MSI Surfaces’ Urbano Ink. Photo: Courtesy of MSI Surfaces 


Although traditional brick patterns are found in historic architecture, this type of arrangement can offer a very clean and chic feel to a space. If you’d like a splash of black in the bathroom, MSI Surfaces’ Urbano Ink might be the right fit. 

Tommy Bahama Glass Blends 1x4 Aogashima

Lunada Bay Tile’s Tommy Bahama Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Lunada Bay Tile


Backsplashes can help create or accentuate a focal point of the room. If you want your tile to be high contrast, specialty designs, like Lunada Bay Tile’s Tommy Bahama Collection, are a good place to play. 

When planning your backsplash upgrade, don’t forget to consider the following: 

Kitchen 0361 Hiresjpg

MSI Surfaces’ Renzo Ceramic Collection. Photo: Courtesy of MSI Surfaces

Grout Color

Grout will play a huge role in the final look of your space. If you choose a color that’s complementary, the grout will blend in and let the tile speak for itself. However, if you want an extra element of personality, you can choose a contrasting grout color.  

Sonare Tone Sonic In Celestial Shinju Mirai Serene Liner In Olympia 02

A mix of Lunada Bay Tile’s Sonaré Tone and Sonic in celestial pearl and Shinju Mirai Serene in Olympia. Photo: Courtesy of Lunada Bay Tile 

Scale of Tile

Do what you can to work with the space you have. Consider the full range of tile sizes available for your house. Large tile can make a big impact but is typically used in rooms with lots of square footage. Putting larger tile in a small bathroom might make the space appear even more compact. But in a bigger space, large tile can serve as an anchor, grounding a room that might otherwise feel too expansive.  

Shinju Mirai Tent Moonstone 01

Lunada Bay Tile’s Shinju Mirai Tent. Photo: Courtesy of Lunada Bay Tile

Unique Options

If you want to add depth and history to a space, consider vintage and antique tiles. Specialty options like hand-painted and hand-cut tiles, can add a distinct, storied feel. Lunada Bay Tile’s Shinju Mirai Collection features handcrafted tiles that bring a minimalistic beauty to the home. 


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