6 Tricks to Hanging Art in Small Spaces

Show off your artwork with these tasteful tips.
hanging art in small spaces
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All art deserves a good home. And for studios and condos, the size of your artwork matters. Before you tuck away your favorite art piece into storage, consider these six dynamic ways to display art in your small space. 

1. Put small art pieces on bookshelves. Bookshelves make a great art display. Small pieces of art fit perfectly on shelves and serve as a fun way to break up your rows of bestsellers. This can be photographs, graphics, postcards or whatever else you’d like to fit and put on display.  

2. Use large artwork as your room’s statement piece. Instead of statement furniture, embrace statement art. Hang your biggest piece of art somewhere prominent. Since it’s on the wall, it’ll add style to your home without cluttering it. You can also make a statement by placing minimalistic furniture next to dramatic artwork. In statement pieces, colors are bold, vibrant and powerful — making art that takes center stage a great way to divide and frame your place into separate areas.  

3. Consider narrow spaces for mini galleries. No matter how diverse your art collection, don’t stress about finding a spot for each individual piece. Group them together using gallery frames from Pictures Plus. Entryways, hallways and even corners make ideal gallery spaces. Your blank wall will be filled with something beautiful, and you’ll have a unique area to bring guests to when you want to talk about your latest favorite artist. 

4. Let it leanWhen you’re out of space to hang your artwork, place it on top of a desk, nightstand or dresser and lean it against the wall instead. This solution is simple and requires zero nails or Command strips. 

5. Add depthAs an alternative to a gallery wall, make your small space look larger by balancing three to four pieces in different shapes and sizes. Doing this will add dimension to your space without it feeling chaotic.  

6. Hang art in unexpected placesShowcase your art in places least expected, like on kitchen shelves, above your toilet or in the bedroom doorway. This will add layers of character throughout your home.  

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