See How These Vanity Lights Can Enhance Your Bathroom

Brighten up your home with these additions to your bathroom.
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Progress Lighting Glance 2 Light 14½-inch Wide Bathroom Vanity Light with Etched White Linen Glass Shades. Photo: Courtesy of Progress Lighting at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

While natural lighting in your bathroom is an advantage, vanity lighting can also pack a punch. The best kinds of vanity lighting are stylish and practical — whether you need additional light to put on your makeup or you just want to spruce up your bathroom’s aesthetic.  

Vanity lights add power for task lighting, and they’re attractive too. These fixtures are simple, easy to style and come in a range of shapes and styles that can take your bathroom to the next level. Since your bathroom is the space where you’ll start and end your day, you’ll want to have functional lighting for chores like shaving, makeup application and hair styling. 

What is a Vanity Light? 

Vanity lights are a subset of lighting fixtures that are mounted above the bathroom vanity, which typically consists of a sink, countertop and mirror. These lights are considered task lighting and not meant to fully light a bathroom on their own, so think twice before completely replacing all the lighting in your space. 

bathroom lighting

Vanity lighting will enhance your bathroom’s look and help you to see more clearly when getting ready, whether at the beginning of the day or end. Photo: Courtesy of Maxim Lighting at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Vanity Sizes Available 

These light fixtures are available in a range of sizes at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. There are single vanity light fixtures, which are ideal for smaller spaces and narrower mirrors. Bigger mirrors may call for two to four vanity lights. 

bathroom lighting

If you opt for shaded vanity lighting for your bathroom, be sure it’s made of metal or glass because fabric shades are prone to water damage. Photo: Courtesy of Progress Lighting at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Variety of Shapes and Styles 

There are also many vanity light shapes available, allowing you to find the one that perfectly suits your bathroom aesthetic. Some popular shapes are:  

  • Bar: These lights have a classic feel and usually consist of long rectangular shades enclosing multiple lamps.  
  • Cage: Evoking a more rugged, industrial bathroom mood, cage vanity lights frequently allow the light to shine unobstructed, without a diffuser. 
  • Globe: For a modern or contemporary aesthetic, globe vanity lights are clean and slightly quirky. 
  • Shaded: These fixtures are diverse and versatile, covering a wide range of shapes and styles. However, it is important to choose fixtures with metal or glass shades because fabric shades (unless they are safety rated for bathroom use) are often not suitable for damp environments. 
  • Tube: These lights are similar to bar lights but have a rounded fixture that gives it a more futuristic flair. The long tube shape keeps things sleek and simple.  

You can find these vanity light fixtures and more at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Check out the company’s website to start shopping. 

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