Get Your Kids Excited for National Clean Up Your Room Day with These Fun Ideas

Challenges that’ll make cleaning exciting.
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Cleaning and decluttering can be stressful, especially for kids. Make it more appealing for them by embracing National Clean Up Your Room Day as an all-out game day. Create cleaning challenges that are fun and easy to complete. What’s more, make this a regular holiday in your home, so that your kids will find tidying up less stressful and more enjoyable.

Laundry Relay

For a fresh start, set up a laundry relay among everyone in the family. Create a system where one person starts by getting the laundry out of the dryer, then passes it to another family member to sort the clothes into piles, then someone folds it and brings it to the person who will place the laundry in the drawers. This brings everyone together to do an otherwise tedious task.

Act it Out

Bring their favorite characters to life by dressing up and acting as them while completing chores. You can mop the floors as Cinderella, wash the dishes as Tiana and clean silverware as Ariel. Once everything is done, you can all go to the ball — the decorated living room — as a reward.

Race for It

Ask your children to do a simple task, such as picking up their toys and putting them into a basket,  and time them doing it. Have them race to see who’s the fastest toy sorter out there. You can also keep score of their previous times so that they can challenge themselves to go faster.

Dance Party

Prepare a playlist to get down and declutter. Dance around the room as you sweep and dust. Switch through songs as you move through different tasks and don’t forget to set time for breaks in between.

Dice Game

For this challenge, have each number on the die correspond to a different chore. For example, rolling one means wiping the shelves, rolling two means making the bed and so on. You could make the dice game a weekly or monthly game for the family to be able to gather and delegate chores.

Clutter be Gone

As you and your kids wind down from this fun-filled game day, be sure to declutter and put everything in its place. Straighten nightstand items, such as lamps and other knickknacks, and take plates and cups back into the kitchen. Look for any out-of-place items and return them to where they rightfully belong.

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