How to Put Purpose into Every Room of Your Home

Nothing but good intentions.
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Purposeful rooms don’t just include laundry rooms, home offices and other spaces where you do actual work or chores. Creating intentional spaces can start by moving from room to room, looking for opportunities to make something valuable where there might have been just wasted space.  

Reimagining a small room to give it more purpose doesn’t have to be about making it picture-perfect. Instead, it can be about fitting each room to your lifestyle to support whatever season you’re in. Design purposeful small spaces with these ideas. 

Create Functional Spaces

We spend a lot of time working hard in our purposeful rooms and it’s worth the effort to make them more inspiring and enjoyable to be in. For neutral and often stark-white laundry rooms, consider adding a bit of fun with soft colors and décor that could help make the chore of washing, drying and folding clothes a little more pleasant. Install a wall-mounted drying rack/clothing storage system to air-dry your clothes, and to hold them as you hang and sort through everything before placing them in your closet. 

Take your pantry up a notch by making it an easier place to rummage around in. If space allows, add built-in open shelves and drawers for everything in there — and maybe create your very own coffee bar while you’re at it. 

Bathroom closets aren’t only made for towels and cleaning supplies. See if there’s enough room for a clothes rack and open shelves, making it a space to not only refresh but also to get ready for the day.  

If your home has a guest room, use it to house a hobby or interest. Transform it into a sewing room that includes plants, photo collages and quirky artwork to inspire creativity, or a home office with a large surface area that you can work from. 

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Make Use of Unused Areas

Floor space is at a premium in small rooms. Consider adding hanging baskets or shelves to hold items that don’t need to be on the floor. And bring in a chalkboard for the kids to allow for a creative outlet and an adorable statement piece.  

Finally, make the most of awkward areas, specifically all those corners. Put in corner shelving throughout your home to display items that would normally take up space elsewhere. And for that odd corner in your kitchen, consider turning it into a little breakfast nook. 


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