Set Up Your Home for the School Year

Simple tips for students, parents and teachers.
School Year Home Setup (1)
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As the summer days wind down, it’s time for parents, students and teachers to start prepping for the new school year. Heading back into the academic rhythm can be exciting — and an opportunity to refresh your home as well.

Cleaning and organizing your home ahead of time can help you ease into the busy-ness of upcoming classes and extracurricular activities. Here are a few tips to get set up for the school year ahead.

For Students

Shopping for fresh outfits? Check. Ordering textbooks? Check. Schedule pickup? Double- check. If you’re a student, to-do lists leading up to the first day of school can feel a mile long. To create space in your room for hauls of new clothes, books and school supplies, start clearing out summer vacation clutter several weeks before classes officially start. Establish your personal organizational method for your closet and a filing arrangement for learning materials. Then celebrate the many ways you’ve grown since the last school year with a revamp of your room décor or a special tech splurge.

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For Parents

A theme for work and education emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic: flexibility. If you’re a parent with school-age children, the past couple of years required in-house adjustments to accommodate shifts to distance learning, back to in-person learning, and everything in between. Versatility at home is key for parents. Clear tables and countertops for homework, craft projects and snacks. Assess in-house utilities and be open to purchasing multipurpose tech devices that can pivot well with schoolwork that requires various bandwidths. Set aside time each day for after-school recreation at home — indoors and outdoors — that will work around your family’s schedules.

For Teachers

If you’re a teacher, prepare your home with both your students and yourself in mind. Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair for off-hours grading or online professional development courses. Consider variable lighting options that can go from levels optimal for reading to low-key relaxation. Stay organized with calendars, planners and storage items that blend functionality with your personal aesthetic tastes. Make room as well in your home for meeting spaces to invite your colleagues over for casual collaborative sessions.

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