This Family’s New Backyard is the Ultimate Gathering Place

Coming together to enjoy the pool, spa and patio.
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Photos: Aaron K. Yoshino

While most families spent last year cooped up at home in quarantine, the Pascuas were able to revel in their new pool and spa. “It was perfect for the kids,” says Alma Pascua. “They were going crazy about having to stay home.” 

Her husband, Adel Pascua, had always dreamed of having a swimming pool as a kid and made it a goal to provide one for his three children. But their Mililani Mauka home’s backyard was covered in concrete and the Pascuas had only a small patio to work with. They tapped Clifton Crawford of Pacific Pool & Spa to make the breakthrough transformation, designing and building a pool for the kids, and parents too. 

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The raised spa is easy to get into and provides a warm water feature to the space, spilling over into the swimming pool below. 

“This was a challenging project in that the yard was small, the access was tight and there wasn’t a lot of room between the pool and the back walls,” says Crawford.  

The project took three to four months, but the results were well worth the wait. “We hired him during rainy season,” says Alma Pascua. “They dug up our backyard and there was red dirt and concrete all over the place. The rain had flooded a lot of things, we would call Clifton and tell him, and he reassured us that it’d be OK. He really took care of things.”  

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Water in transit was an important element in the backyard, as seen with this decorative waterspout that fills the pool and creates soothing, inviting sounds. 

A major focus for the backyard was to create a space for entertaining. “The family has friends and family over and they entertain quite often,” shares Crawford. “So we took that area and really gave them a spot.” Along with an outdoor party area, “they’ve got the pool they’re able to play in and we really made that all fit there really nicely.”  

Pacific Pool & Spa cut into the existing concrete deck of the patio to create steps to the pool and a Bali ledge entry. “By creating the Bali ledge entry, we put another 6 feet into the patio, which gives them room now to be able to come into the pool without interfering in the play space in the patio,” explains Crawford. In addition to the Bali ledge, the pool ranges from 4 to 6 feet deep, features a waterfall, lounge chairs and a bubbler that lights up in red, white and blue, and has spouts to keep it full. 

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This waterfall feature adds beauty to the space — and the kids enjoy jumping off of it to get into the water.

The spa, which measures 5 feet by 7 feet, fits six people comfortably. “There are 12 jets in that spa and they’re all at different heights,” shares Crawford. “I have it set up so that you can get the lower back and upper back. There’s one that has hard piercing jets and one that’s a rotating massaging jet.” 

To bring the entire space together, Pacific Pool & Spa incorporated natural stone and tile on the patio and around the pool. “Now they have natural stone on top of everything,” says Crawford. The new stone can be found on the columns, the ledge of the back retaining wall and at the front entryway of the home. “We used more of that material to enhance the whole project,” he adds.  

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What was once a seemingly too small outdoor area was transformed into a spacious place filled with a patio, pool and spa that’s perfect for entertaining.

Now, everyone wants in on the fun. “Family wants to come over every weekend,” says Pascua. “Since we have the extended patio, rain or shine or storm, people still want to come. We always have gatherings. Everyone loves the Bali ledge so they can just sit there, and the waterfall, the kids jump off of that they just love it.”  


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