4 products for an eco-friendly home

Switching to eco-friendly products is beneficial for you, your family and the environment.
Photo: Aaron Yoshino

Eco-friendly products are beneficial for you, your family and the environment, as well as affordable and easy to use. Switching to LED lightbulbs is a simple change to your home that can save energy and money. Using alternative cleaning products, like the sustainable plant-based product, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Concentrate, will reduce the use of chemicals in the home. Other replacements for chemicals are EcoSmart’s kid and pet friendly home pest control, which is made from essential oils, and Murphy Pure Vegetable Oil Soap, which is made mostly from naturally derived ingredients and can be used on wood. These alternatives are not only easy and affordable, but also a great way to reduce the use of harsh chemicals in the home and in the environment.


1. EcoSmart Organic Home Pest Control, 64 ounces, $12, from Target.

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Concentrate, $8, from City Mill.

3. Murphy Pure Vegetable Oil Soap, $4, from City Mill.

4. Philips LED 3 bulb value pack, $18, from City Mill.


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