5 Festive Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit at Home

Deck the halls of your house with holiday cheer.
Photo: Getty Images

‘Tis the season for holiday fun, food and festivities. Get into the holiday spirit at home with these five decorating ideas.

1. Try a different theme every year. Orchestrate a specific focus that your home (and family) will be decked out in. For instance, perhaps your home is a snow globe or the North Pole or is designed in a certain color scheme, like blue and silver.

Photo: Courtesy of HI Biz Ornaments

2. Decorate the tree with HI Biz Ornaments. This limited edition of collectible ornaments features a variety of local businesses, including Pictures Plus, Hawaiian Airlines, Zippy’s and HAWAII Magazine. Be sure to order yours soon as they are only available through Dec. 15, 2019.

3. Consider a faux tree. The benefits include not having to lug and care for a real tree every year, it’s safe for pets and keiki, is a one-time expense and less likely to transport critters into your home than a real tree. Read more on how to decide between a real or fake tree.

4. Or go completely eco-friendly. Along with a reusable faux tree, there a numerous ways to go eco-friendly during the holidays. Use the same ornaments every year, instead of buying new ones. Consider wrapping your gifts in recycled wrapping paper instead. Reduce your use of single-use items, like real wreaths and garlands, and opt to use fake ones that will be long-lasting.

5. Entertain all your senses. Make sure your home is filled with complete holiday cheer for all your senses, from the sight of a gorgeous tree and lights to the sounds of holiday music, to the smells of pine, cinnamon and other scented candles, and the taste of delicious cookies.

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