5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Give Dad the perfect present this weekend.
Photo: Getty Images

It’s time to cheer Dad this Father’s Day with a gift worthy of all the support he’s given you through the years. Not sure what to get him? Here are five gift ideas for you to run with, ranging from affordable to luxurious.

1. A homemade meal. Maybe all Dad wants to do this Sunday is relax at home while enjoying a decent meal, so make him one of his favorites and let him kick back.

2. Combine his love of tech with grilling. With the Traeger Pro 780 Grill from City Mill, you get a grill that has WiFIRE technology that lets you do all you need — monitor, change the temperature, look up recipes — from your phone. How simple is that?

3. For the beer-lover: DIY homebrewing. Perhaps Dad needs a new hobby, or maybe he just loves an ice-cold beer. Give him a homebrewing kit so he can make his own signature brew right in the comfort of home.

4. Clothes. Seriously. If your dad is lacking in the style department or doesn’t make the time to update his wardrobe, then consider buying him some key pieces to get him started. Think casual button down, a nice long-sleeve shirt or fun graphic tee.

5. An outdoor kitchen — the ultimate backyard gift. If you have the budget to work with, then consider giving Dad the gift of an outdoor kitchen. Having an outdoor kitchen in your backyard combines entertaining and cooking, with ease.

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