5 Local Art Pieces to Revive Your Walls

Have a change of art.
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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Sometimes it’s your walls that need a refresh. Brush up your view with eye-catching paintings, 
retro-style illustrations and other breathtaking scenes from local artists at Pictures Plus. 

Top, left to right: “Midnight Mountains,” Danielle Groff, $95; “Ohia Mamo 2,” William Weaver, $114. Bottom, left to right: “Modern Sunset,” Odi, $46; “Luau,” Frank McIntosh, $41; “Sunny Boy,” Gilney Lima, $38. picturesplus.com. 

Personal Touch  

Pictures Plus can also print your own photos or artwork on canvas, aluminum or paper in sizes up to 40 by 80 inches. 

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