A Guide to Decorating Your Home with Artificial Plants

Keep your home in faux bloom with this stylish artificial foliage.
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Photo: Leah Friel

Contrary to popular belief, faux plants and flowers can look incredibly stylish when utilized correctly. They also provide many benefits in addition to looking perfect year-round, especially for pet owners and those on a budget. Here are four must-know tips and tricks for those lacking a green thumb.

Don’t Be Afraid to Splurge

We all know — and despise — the tacky look of an obvious faux plant, and many of us shy away from using them in our homes because of this. However, the quality of fake plants has grown over the years, making it difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. By investing in higher quality artificial plants and flowers, they’ll look anything but tacky. If the thought of spending more on a fake plant than a real one concerns you, think about all the money and time you’ll save when you cut out the cost of care.

Hidden In Plain Sight

The biggest giveaway when it comes to using artificial foliage is a beautiful assortment of houseplants in a dark, isolated area. Instead, put your faux beauties in an area where they would actually be able to grow if they were alive. This technique makes it that much more believable, so houseguests won’t question your plant life-preserving abilities.

Blend the Real with the Fake

While fake plants are better for pet owners, frequent travelers and those suffering from allergies, there’s no beating the improved air quality real houseplants provide. To get the best of both worlds, consider blending the two together. To do this, select one air-purifying houseplant, such as a snake plant or common ivy, and add fake plants of your choice into the pot. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of an air-purifying plant while cutting down on maintenance.

Keeping Up Appearances

Now that you have everyone fooled, remember to give your fake plants a quick dusting every couple of weeks. To keep things fresh, consider rearranging your plants every so often or alternating flower bouquets seasonally.

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