A Mililani Kitchen Gets a Refreshed, Modern Look

Masterpiece Construction’s full kitchen remodel creates a bright, open space.
Photo: Olivier Koning

This unassuming one-story home in Mililani is situated on a quiet street, part of a master-planned community built by Castle & Cooke in the 1990s. Each home in this closely-knit neighborhood shares the same layout, including sectioned-off spaces and small, cramped kitchens.

Over the years, the owners of this particular home grew tired of their dysfunctional kitchen and turned to Masterpiece Construction to help piece together an open and refreshing space for their family.

The kitchen’s full-height backsplash and countertops — both are quartz in thunder from Golden Cabinets & Stone — feature striking dark veins that flow throughout a white backdrop.

“It was old school — enclosed, dark, dated — and needed to be renewed,” Chris Oxendine of Masterpiece Construction says of the home’s original look and layout.

The homeowners knew they wanted a modern kitchen with gray tones. Oxendine and his team took this vision and got to work, removing non-load bearing walls, dated cabinetry, old appliances and flooring. “The point of the project was to open up the space,” explains Oxendine. “It was a full kitchen remodel.”

Masterpiece Construction installed porcelain tile flooring, with tight grout joints making it easy to clean. “It’s scratch-resistant, it’s a harder material and it’s more durable than vinyl,” Oxendine says.

Undercabinet lights provide additional task lighting in the kitchen, making it
easier to navigate in the dark.

Soft-close cabinets from Golden Cabinets & Stone were chosen in a light gray tone and paired with brushed nickel hardware. Undercabinet lighting was also installed.

To create seating and additional storage in the kitchen, an island was added. It features a quartz countertop that cantilevers on both ends, with a stainless-steel support post on one side.

The kitchen island features a quartz countertop that cantilevers on both ends, with a stainless-steel support post on one side.

A full-height backsplash was installed in the same quartz as the kitchen’s countertops. This, along with a new white cast-iron sink, helps to break up the gray and black tones of the space.

“It’s open, airy, bright, clean,” Oxendine says. “It was a dark little room they went into — now, it’s a bright and happy space.” 

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