Asian Antiques for your Oahu Home

Where to find these unique furnishings on-island.
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Known for their rarity and beauty, Asian antiques can make a statement in your home. If you’re looking to add a piece to your abode, head to C.S. Wo & Sons in Honolulu, where you can uncover these treasured objects.

Photo: Courtesy of C.S. Wo & Sons

The company holds the largest selection of antique furniture in Hawaii. According to its website, the furnishings at C.S. Wo & Sons are primarily from the late Qing dynasty: “Furniture from this period is vastly different from the highly ornate, ebony colored pieces that we think of as traditional Chinese antiques. The Qing dynasty was a time of expanding trade and the rise of the new and prosperous merchant class.”

Photo: Courtesy of C.S. Wo & Sons

Find everything from a variety of cabinets and tables for the living area, to chairs and tables for the dining room.

Photo: Courtesy of C.S. Wo & Sons

Learn more about these unique furnishings by visiting, or stop by the showroom to see them for yourself.


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