Back-to-School Home Prep

Simple tips to get set for the new academic year.
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August marks the end of summer vacation and the start of another school year for many kids in Hawaii. And, along with back-to-school shopping and preparing schedules, now is a good time to create an environment where education can thrive. All it takes is a little cleaning, organizing and redecorating. Here are a few tips to get back-to-school ready.

For students
Shopping for new shoes and outfits? Check. Ordering textbooks? Check. Scheduling car pools? Double-check. If you’re a student, to-do lists leading up to the first day of school can seem a mile long. To create space in your room for hauls of back-to-school clothes, books and supplies, start clearing out summer vacation clutter before classes start. Dedicate a clean, organized space in your home that can be easily maintained and will allow you to focus on your studies. Make it fun and inviting with a fresh new color palette, trendy theme, and décor that makes you smile.

For parents
If you’re a parent with school-age children, you probably learned a lot about being flexible during the COVID-19 pandemic, with shifts to distance learning, back to in-person learning, and everything in between. Although on-campus classes have returned, versatility at home is still key for parents — and this starts with a clean, organized foundation. Clear tables and countertops for homework, craft projects and snacks. Assess in-house utilities and be open to purchasing multipurpose tech devices that can pivot well with schoolwork. Set aside time each day for after-school recreation at home — indoors and outdoors — that will work around your family’s schedules.


For teachers
If you’re a teacher, prepare your home with both your students and yourself in mind. Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair for off-hours grading or online professional development courses. Consider variable lighting options that are optimal for reading and low-key relaxation. Stay organized with calendars, planners and storage items that blend functionality with your personal aesthetic tastes. Make your home office a space that you can look forward to coming home to after a long day in the classroom — a space that can be both functional and enjoyable for all your teaching needs. Bonus points if you include some self-care items, like a foot massager that can help you wind down while you’re grading essays!

Here are a few noteworthy Island décor finds to inspire your refreshed home office and study spaces.

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