Celebrate the First Day of Spring with These Easy House Plants

5 low-maintenance plants that’ll brighten your home.
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Welcome in the first day of spring with house plants that’ll thrive under low-maintenance conditions— perfect additions for smaller spaces, like condos and townhomes. Plus, you can find a selection of plants at your local City Mill. Here’s our roundup of the top five you should have in your home, with expert advice from Katherine Hachmeister of City Mill.

1. Succulents

Known for their thick leaves and stems, succulents are simple to care for and available in an array of colors and shapes. “The most common ones include echeverias, crassulas (like the Jade Plant) and kalanchoes,” shares Hachmeister. “These plants are great for decorating and adding some whimsy to brightly lit indoor spaces.” Hachmeister uses a liquid fertilizer once a month at a quarter cup the recommended rate and suggests using a fast draining pot mix, such as Black Gold’s Cacti and Succulent Mix. “I like to keep mine in terracotta pots, since this type of pot absorbs excess moisture from the soil,” she adds.

2. Snake Plant

Commonly known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, Sansevierias are one of the most laid back house plants, shares Hachmeister. These low maintenance plants do great in any amount of light and require little water. “Just make sure the soil dries completely before watering again,” says Hachmeister. Snake plants have beautiful patterns and shapes, from tall to short and spear shaped to flat leafed. Hachmeister’s favorites include whale fin or Sansevieria masoniana, which are great at filtering toxins in the air.

3. ZZ Plants

ZZ Plants, which stands for Zamioculcas zamiifolia, will sit happily in your home as long as they’re not in direct sunlight — the leaves might burn. “It likes to dry out completely between watering and doesn’t even mind being dry for a few days,” Hachmeister says. Along with the snake plant, this plant is great for those who want no fuss greenery.

4. Peace Lily

A beautiful and easygoing house plant, the Peace Lily sports dark green foliage. While it does best in bright filtered light, it can also grow in dark areas of your home. The peace lily can purify the air and adds a nice tropical vibe into your home, Hachmeister says. She shares that the peace lily likes to be watered when the first inch or two of soil becomes dry — you’ll see the leaves droop — just make sure the pot has good drainage. For fertilizer, she prefers using Nutricote 13-13-13, a time release fertilizer.

5. Spider Plant

The long, slender leaves of the spider plant make it a great hanging basket or cascading plant. Its bright green and white foliage doesn’t require direct sunlight and likes to dry out between watering, says Hachmeister. “You often see this plant for sale with little babies or plantlets hanging from the mother plant. These will grow roots of their own and are easy to propagate.” The spider plant is not only a great air purifier, but it’s also pet friendly.

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