Choosing a Design-build Firm: With local Expert Marshall Hickox of Homeworks Construction

Design-build firms offer Hawaii homeowners advantages over the traditional home planning process.
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Design-build firms offer Hawaii homeowners a few advantages over the conventional home planning process of hiring an architect and general contractor. Marshall Hickox, president of Homeworks Construction, shares the top reasons why working with a design-build firm is a good fit for Hawaii homeowners. 

“Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or just a smaller piece project like a kitchen or bath renovation, hiring a design-build firm ensures that everyone is on the same team,” says Hickox. “Working with a firm that has full in-house architectural staff, drafting and design teams means that when challenges are encountered, everyone rolls up their sleeves to find a solution.”

“At Homeworks, we have award-winning, specialized staff that work one-on-one with our clients.”

-Marshall Hickox, Homeworks Construction

Complete accountability is another benefit of hiring a design-build firm; one entity is accountable for everything. Design-build firms are responsible for plan development, drafting, construction, and completion. When a single firm designs and builds a project, more attention is generally given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. Overall cost is mapped out early on in the planning process, including fees, construction costs, utilities and allowances, limiting the possibility of unforeseen expenses throughout the project. 

Homeworks Construction provides a high level of expertise in both architecture and construction.
Photo: Olivier Koning

Design-build firms assure continuity throughout the project because they are involved from start to finish. This adds an inherent efficiency to any project and limits the chance of important details falling through the cracks. 

Finally, design-build firms promise a high level of expertise in both architecture and construction. “At Homeworks, we have award-winning, specialized staff that work one-on-one with our clients. Architects, kitchen specialists and interior designers are all at our office to assist with each phase,” says Hickox. “This translates to a streamlined and personalized design-build service.”

A design-build firm is a beacon to clients throughout the project, refining the process and project vision from beginning to end. “Our firm operates under the assumption that clients want to be involved in the design and construction of their home,” says Hickox. “More and more homeowners are understanding the importance of careful planning to avoid design errors. We are seeing an appreciation for our method of working together to make sure that every area of the home design is planned out in a cohesive process.”

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