Feng Shui for Hawaii with Clear Englebert

McKenna Maduli sits down with the feng shui author and expert in Hawaii.
Feng Shui Pc Clear Englebert

Feng shui is a practice and philosophy of arranging your living spaces in order to create flow and harmony in your home. 

In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, McKenna Maduli interviews feng shui author and expert Clear Englebert. 

Englebert’s work includesFeng Shui DemystifiedBedroom Feng ShuiFeng Shui for HawaiiFeng Shui for Hawaii GardensFeng Shui for Retail Stores, and Feng Shui for Love & Money. His latest book, Feng Shui for Real Estate, from Watermark Publishing will be released by this summer.   

This video originally aired at the BIA-Hawaii Virtual Big Home Building & Remodeling Show, presented by First Hawaiian Bank. 

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