Greenhouse Effect

What's on our radar.
At Paiko, a botanical boutique in Kakaako, you can get your hands dirty to create your own low-maintenance succulent arrangements. Photos: Aaron Yoshino

Add plants to your home to keep your living spaces looking fresh and your air even fresher. For starters, consider low-maintenance options such as succulents. You can even create your own terrarium at Paiko in Kakaako, a botanical boutique that lets you choose your plantings, and any stones, sand and moss.

Ready for more? Here are other ideas for easy-to-grow plants, tools and accessories to keep your house green.

1. Large Quartz Air Plant $48, Echo & Atlas. Easy to take care of and makes a beautiful décor piece.

2. Senegal Woven Prayer Mat Baskets and Hampers $45, and Olli Ella Belly Basket, $40, Ginger13. These fair-trade plant baskets from Ginger13 are handwoven in Senegal and Vietnam using natural and recycled materials.

3. Sand Round Ceramic Vase $20, Paiko.

4. Dewit Forged Potting Trowel $34, Paiko.

5. Cultivator Short Handle $30, Paiko.

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