Grow Better Plants with these Tips for Your Plot and Pot

The soil you use determines the happiness and well-being of your plants.
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It’s hard to think of dirt as a home, but it is. It’s your plant’s home, and the soil determines the happiness and well-being of its residents. “Most potting mixes have nutrients and fertilizers to support growth for up to six months; after that you can add liquid fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer, compost, or add more potting mix,” explains Melissa Falgout of City Mill.

If your plant loves water, Falgout suggests using potting mixes containing peat or coir to aid in water retention. For desert plants, the soil mixture will need cinders or vermiculite for drainage and circulation around the roots. Remember, overwatering is worse than underwatering as it is much easier to revive a dry plant than try to save a drowned one.

For serious soil needs, City Mill has you covered. “We carry compost and garden soils to mix with existing yard and garden soils to add fresh organic material,” says Falgout. “We also have top soils for the lawn to help fill in low spots, which aids in even grass growth.”

In-House Help

No need to buy pricey materials to enrich your soil. Use these common household goods to up your plant game.

Egg shells

Dry and crush leftover egg shells to sprinkle into your landscaping or container garden, giving your plants a lovely dose of calcium to help build strong cells.

Coffee & Tea

Infuse your soil with mineral-rich coffee and tea. Used grounds and tea leaves are less-acidic and encourage healthier root growth.


Cut and fit old sponges to the bottom interiors of your pots and containers to absorb and hold excess water.

Did you know? Soil is made of a mixture of ingredients: minerals, organic material, air and water. Source:


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