Here’s Why You Should be Working with a Design-Build Team

From a streamlined process to united partnership, there are major benefits involved.
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Beginning any home project is a big commitment. Whether you’ve decided to remodel or build new, there are many decisions to be made, from determining your wants and needs to selecting the right professionals for the job, all while factoring in your time and budget. 

Another major decision? Deciding what project method you want to follow: the traditional design-bid-build model or  modern design-build model. While each has its own perks, the design-build model has risen in popularity. Design-build allows for a more collaborative effort when compared to the more segmented traditional process of designing a project, followed by bidding and finally construction.

A design-build team consists of a builder and architect working together from the start of design to the completion of construction. This partnership ensures that you’ll have seasoned professionals working toward a common goal throughout the project. Richie Breaux of All Things New and Andrew Forman of Blueprint808 have formed a strong bond over the years, building and designing many homes together as a design-build team.  

Breaux, a builder, and Forman, an architect, have seen the heartbreak and headaches of countless homeowners armed with plans that never came to fruition. Together, this dynamic duo has created a design-build method that’s innovative and inclusive. 

Here’s why you should consider working with a design-build team for your remodel or new build. 

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Creative Teams Working Together 

One of the best things about a design-build team is that you have two unique, creative companies working together to fulfill your project — rather than separately. And unlike a design-build firm — which offers services all under one roof — with a design-build team like All Things New and Blueprint808, you won’t feel tied to just one company. 

Constant Communication 

Because of the collaborative nature of the design-build process, the architect, builder and homeowners are in constant communicationand milestones are set to ensure progress is made. “Everyone is still involved from the construction end,” shares Forman. “[On the] design side, I go into a support role when it’s in construction. I assist the homeowners and builder so that the project is completed.” 

Trust the Process 

Any home project is a big deal. “It’s your life savings … it’s a dramatic change in your life,” shares Breaux. But at the end of the day, a design-build team is looking out for the homeowners’ best interests while ensuring they have realistic, obtainable goals. “Our focus at the beginning is investing in the homeowners so they are confident in us,” shares Forman. 

Reach out to All Things New or Blueprint808 for a free phone consultation. From there, All Things New can provide an online budget calculator tool, which can help kickstart your project.  

All Things New and Blueprint808 offer a modern take on the design-build process, from weekly online meetings, detailed 3D renderings and an application that allows homeowners to see daily progress, schedules, change orders, send messages and more. For more information, contact All Things New at 808-230-3385 or and Blueprint808 at 808-258-7645 or

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