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The local design-build firm is committed to providing excellent customer service and building quality homes.
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Photo: Courtesy HK Construction

Fourth-generation design-build firm HK Construction is committed to providing excellent customer service and building quality homes. “Our approach to helping any client is understanding their needs and their lifestyle,” says Alan Twu. “Through this process, we are able to design a home that’s not just beautiful to look at, but also functional.” The company’s top priority is to build value into each home while being price conscious. “We want to build homes that will last for generations to come,” Twu adds.

Specializing in new homes, additions and renovations, Twu and his team do everything from high-end custom work to typical Island homes. They are innovative about design aesthetic and product choice, as well as the applications and techniques used. Through it all, they stay conscious of the materials placed inside every home, ensuring they are low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Harry Kim, Twu’s father and the company’s namesake, is an active member of the team. “Our design team consists of experienced architects, draftsmen, engineers, designers and project managers,” Twu explains. “Our goal is to produce creative solutions, and customers are often pleasantly surprised with the results.” Twu regularly meets with homeowners to discuss their issues and offer sound advice about building and renovating.

In addition to helping clients make their dream homes a reality, the team is interested in educating the public about the building process. HK Construction offers free seminars; each one provides invaluable information about the benefits and potential pitfalls of home renovations, remodeling, additions, rebuilds and brand-new construction projects. The team also takes classes to ensure they are updated on the latest wants, needs and industry trends. A lifelong learner himself, Twu says, “I enjoy seeing how we can transform a piece of land for someone to be able to call it home.”


905 Factory St., Honolulu; 841-1800;

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