How to Prepare your Home for Hawaii’s Hurricanes

Key tips and tricks to help island homeowners weather the storm.
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Hurricane season, which runs June 1 to Nov. 30, is in full swing. How prepared is your home for an emergency? Here’s a checklist and important resources to help you be ready for whatever the weather brings.

Hurricane Checklist:

  1. Know and be familiar with your evacuation zones and shelter locations.
  2. Make a hurricane preparedness kit — it should have these 28 essentials.
  3. Gather supplies that’ll last at least three days, such as water, food, medication and first aid.
  4. Have vital documents together: list of contacts, birth certificates, a copy of digital passwords and more.
  5. Make sure your home is protected, with hurricane shutters and proper monthly maintenance. Also, check on your insurance policy and keep a printed copy with you.
  6. Don’t forget your pets! Make sure you have what they need to go with you to a pet-friendly shelter. They’ll need their own supplies, like a crate, blanket, water, food, medication, etc.

Important Resources:

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