Keep your yard the greenest on the block with Hawaiian Turfgrass

Hawaiian Turfgrass offers exclusive varieties of high-performing grass.
Photo: David Croxford

Who doesn’t want their yard to be the greenest on the block? Keeping your lawn manicured, green and pristine each season is no simple task. The experts at Hawaiian Turfgrass know this, which is why they’ve made it easier for homeowners to obtain curbside glory by offering exclusive varieties of high-performing grass.

The farm, which is off the beaten path in Central Oahu’s Mililani Town, has grown from 6,000 square feet to 67 acres. There, Hawaiian Turfgrass grows five types of grass: El Toro, Captiva® St. Augustine, Zeon® Zoysia, TifGrand® Bermuda and SeaStar® Seashore Paspalum.

El Toro is a common type of grass that landscapers and homeowners are likely familiar with. The other four grasses are scientifically proven to outperform El Toro, and Hawaiian Turfgrass is licensed as the exclusive producer of those varieties. All grass is grown on the farm with compost in plastic so that it grows weed-free with a dense root structure.

Captiva® St. Augustine

Photo: David Croxford 

Characteristics: Fine blade, semi-dwarf, dark green, chinch bug resistant
Thrives in: Shade
Maintenance: 2-4 weeks with rotary mower

Zeon® Zoysia

Photo: David Croxford 

Characteristics: Superior fine-bladed Zoysia, soft, salt tolerant
Thrives in: Full sun
Maintenance: 2-3 weeks with a reel mower

TifGrand® Bermuda

Photo: David Croxford 

Characteristics: Dense turf, dark green, excellent traffic and wear recovery
Thrives in: Full sun
Maintenance: Once per week with a reel mower

SeaStar® Seashore Paspalum

Photo: David Croxford 

Characteristics: Dark green, salt tolerant, excellent traffic and wear recovery
Thrives in: Full sun, cloudy conditions
Maintenance: Once per week with a reel mower

How To Pick Your Grass

1. Sunlight or Shade?

“I like to ask our customers if it’s sunny or if it’s shady because that’s how they should be choosing their grasses,” says Sean Fong of Hawaiian Turfgrass.

Any grass that Hawaiian Turfgrass offers will thrive in full sunlight. A yard is considered shady if it receives no more than four hours of direct sunlight per day.

2. Maintenance Care

“It all boils down to maintenance,” Fong says, adding that mowing is important to keep grass looking good. The grass varieties they offer have different maintenance levels, so choose the one that works for your lifestyle. And if you can’t keep up with the maintenance required for your lawn, Fong recommends calling in a maintenance company to do it for you.

3. Time to Pick

“We can recommend all we want but, really, we want the customer to be happy so it’s all about preference,” Fong says. 

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