Koa Ridge is Designed for Hawaii’s Future

The first of its kind in Hawaii, Castle & Cooke’s Koa Ridge is a master-planned community in Central Oahu.
Castle And Cooke
In the middle of the Village and Gateway at Koa Ridge will be Hale Lau Koa, where people can gather for events and outdoor activities. Photos: Courtesy of Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii

With walkable, wide-open spaces plus nearby shops and restaurants, Koa Ridge is the true embodiment of “surban.”  

“It’s basically a suburban area with an urban feel,” explains Laura Kodama, Castle & Cooke’s director of planning and development. “It’s where you can enjoy the beauty of a suburban community along with the conveniences of retail services that are just a walk away from your home.” 

courtyard on a bright sunny day

Residents can enjoy dining and shopping at the Village at Koa Ridge. 

Residences in Koa Ridge have been built with the newest materials and the latest technology, all with the community’s residents top of mind. “We always start with the homebuyer,” explains Mike Goshi, principal at Design Partners Inc., the architectural firm that is working with Castle & Cooke on Koa Ridge. “We try to build homes that fit within the lifestyle of our local community.”   

modern house in koa ridge

Nanea at Koa Ridge Plan F detached single-family condominium homes. 

The homes feature state-of-the art designs, typically within open concepts to accommodate the casual lifestyle of island living. “There are different kinds of floor plans available to meet all lifestyles,” Goshi adds. “There are plans for people who work from home, multigenerational families, single parents and others.”  

interior of open concept apartment

An inside look at one of the Nanea homes, which has an open-concept living space. 

Clarissa Santoki, project architect at Design Partners Inc., says that though each plan has certain standards, they all offer flexibility. “There are base plans,” she explains, “but homeowners can choose what they want to do with them. In some single-family homes, for example, we have options that can accommodate up to six bedrooms if the homeowner needs that kind of space. You can even choose a larger lanai or convert family rooms to bedrooms. There are also options for different interiors. It’s very flexible.”  

dining on lanai in koa ridge

The homes offer flexibility in design, such as having an expanded lanai to allow homeowners to relax and unwind outside. 

Goshi adds that bulk storage spaces are among the many unique features of Koa Ridge homes; the spaces can be converted as families grow and change.  

In addition to being customizable, the homes have also been built with sustainability in mind; solar water heaters and EV-ready garages are standard, as is sustainable landscaping. Koa Ridge will also be the first community in the state to treat all of its stormwater before it flows into streams and the ocean. “Even when it comes to the architecture,” Goshi says, “we are working with sustainable materials. We do a lot of factory-finished metalwork that is more sustainable in terms of maintenance.” 

aerial view of koa ridge in hawaii

A rendering of what the master-planned community will look like when completed. 

Kodama says the overall goal of Koa Ridge is to address and anticipate buyer needs. She adds that though it is filled with comforts and is conveniently located just a short drive away from the airport and downtown Honolulu, the community itself is the best amenity. “Residents will have all the services they need,” she explains, “including health care, a community center, parks and more, all within Koa Ridge. Hoala Trail — the 7 ½-mile shared-use path — will provide daily opportunities for a healthy lifestyle; and Hale Lau Koa, which is our village center, will keep neighbors in touch and active. Those are the key factors that really capture what is drawing people to Koa Ridge right now — and it’s what sets the community apart.” 

Visit koaridge.com for more information. 


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