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Photos: David Croxford

Need some room makeover inspiration? Browse through our curated Pinterest boards filled with inspiration for the home. We’ve got hundreds of ideas for color schemes, furniture, outdoor living, plants and greens and more. Plus, we are regularly creating our own Pinterest-inspired interior looks in the magazine that you can also find on our Pinterest page.

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For Her (see featured image)

A vanity’s top has a lot going on, from little trinkets to jewelry and skincare products. Keep it all together and organized with some simple (and pretty) adjustments.

1. Cut down your morning routine time by clearly seeing what’s what and where with this see-through, two-in-one organizer. Clarity Cosmetic Organizer With Drawer, $20, Simply Organized.

2. Need to restock your beauty supplies? Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy at Na Lama Kukui not only offers spa services, but also has its own signature line of products. Makana Academy Deluxe Precision Makeup Brush, $16, Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.

3. Makana Academy Mini Fan Brush, $8.50, Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.

4. Makana Academy Press Powder, $24, Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.

5. Makana Academy Blush/Highlighter, $14, Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.

6. Vanity Top Mirror, $20, Simply Organized.

7. Makana Academy Pigment Eye Shadow, $16, Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.

8. Antique Perfume Bottle Mercury Glass, $39, C.S. Wo & Sons.

9. Candle Jar With Dome (Silver French Currant), $31, C.S. Wo & Sons.

10. Keep your daily accessories in one spot using this pretty vintage-looking find. Square Handle Tray, $74, C.S. Wo & Sons.

For Him

You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality and functionality. Elevate your desktop with handsome pieces that also keep your world in order.

1. Not only does this add some serious style to your desk, but it can act as a paperweight or a very sturdy bookend. Pahi Cast Iron Rabbit, $89, C.S. Wo & Sons.

2. Metal Magnifying Glass on Stand, $36, C.S. Wo & Sons.

3. So many notes but so little desk? Keep your go-to’s in one spot — we’re talking keys, important receipts or even your favorite photos — with this no-fuss bulletin board. Mini Magnetic Strip Bulletin Board (Silver), $8, Simply Organized.

4. Purple Rabbit Ear Plant, $36, Red Knot.

5. Conic LED Table Lamp, $251, C.S. Wo & Sons.

6. Poppin Stapler (Dark Gray), $13, Simply Organized.

7. Poppin Tape Dispenser (Dark Gray), $30, Simply Organized.

8. A very sleek and necessary basic that won’t cramp your space or style. Mesh Black Letter Holder, $15, Simply Organized.

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