Radar: Glitz and Glam

Engineered quartz is on the rise as a popular countertop material.
Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

With the beauty of marble and granite coupled with durability and strength, it makes sense that engineered quartz continues to rise as a popular countertop contender.

“Quartz is quite trendy for kitchen and bath counters, with many colors mimicking the actual look of marble and granite,” says Kevin Nip of Selective Stone. “White and gray tones are popular within the industry.”

Engineered quartz is highly durable — withstanding etching, scratching and staining — and comes in a variety of glamorous hues. Here are our picks for the top choices sporting the latest in kitchen and bath color trends.

From top left: Blanco Orion, Gray Lagoon, Calacatta Laza, Desert Silver, Artic White quartz samples from Selective Stone.

Selective Stone provides affordable alternatives for your home with prefabricated blanks for easy installation. “We recently received our newest and hottest quartz product, prefabricated tops manufactured by Cosentino, under the Silestone label,” says Nip. Visit the showroom for more details.

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