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Set the tone of your space with a signature fragrance blend.
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Photos: Courtesy of Yireh + Jules & Gem Hawaii; Home by Driftwood; Valia Honolulu

The sense of smell is connected to emotion and memories more closely than any other sense. A fresh floral sachet, plumes from a sugar cookie-scented candle, the nostalgic air of a well-loved leather couch — olfactory stimuli like these play a key part in the vibe of a room. Curating a multifaceted “scent scene” for your home is a fun, personal way to make an impression. Start with some of these home fragrances from local retailers.

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Alohi by Yireh + Jules & Gem Hawaii

The creatives at local fashion brand Yireh and home fragrance experts at Jules & Gem Hawaii recently collaborated on an exclusive scent blend designed to spark confidence, beauty and brilliance. Alohi has notes of gardenia, amber, mandarin, sandalwood and rose patchouli. Available in diffuser oil, reed diffuser and perfume roller.

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P.F. Candle Co. No. 04: Teakwood & Tobacco

This scent, a favorite among men and women, is a bestseller at Maui retailer Home by Driftwood. Musky lead notes of leather, pepper and tobacco give way to base notes of teak and sandalwood, rounded out with touches of orange and patchouli. Available in spray, reed diffuser
and scented candle.

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4pm Essential Oil Spray

Developed by Healing Moon Wellness cultivator Liana Huang, this spray can be used to refresh your space and linens with energizing notes of grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin and lime. It is also infused with fluorite and black tourmaline crystals. The Healing Moon Wellness line of products, and other local home goods, can be found at the Valia Honolulu boutique.

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