Sharing Spaces

Personality and style collide and compete in one of the smallest spaces to live in: a college dorm room.
Photo: Olivier Koning

A room can feel its absolute smallest when you share it with a complete stranger, who one hopes will turn into a new best friend over the course of a college semester. Hawaii Pacific University’s Waterfront Lofts student housing at the Aloha Tower Marketplace can house as many as 272 students in 75 suites. Here’s a few tips for making a home away from home for the school year.

This dorm room at the Waterfront Lofts is decorated with essentials, most of which are made by Hawaii designers.


1. Island Hopper duffel bag in akoakoa, $72, from Manaola.

2. Pineapple twin coverlet in sapphire, $86, from Manuhealii.

3. Architect Desk Lamp in red-orange, $30, from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

4. Pineapple twin coverlet in titanium, $86, from Manuhealii.

5. Seaflower pillow cover, $66, from Jana Lam.

6. T&C Surf
8-foot Mini Tanker Longboard, shaped by Tommy Tanaka, from T&C Surf Designs.

7. Shellini pillow cover, $66, from Jana Lam.

8. Reversible Cube Grid in aqua/red- orange, $20, from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

9. Sunny Beach Bag tote, $110, from Jana Lam.

10. Tall ceramic mug, $12, from Manuhealii.


Sharing cramped quarters with a new roommate can make moving into a dorm a maddening game of life-size Tetris. Using a self-storage warehouse can help relieve some of that stress before you move in for a new school year. StorSecure shares these tips for getting the most out of a self-storage unit:

• Pack schoolbooks flat in boxes to preserve spines, using pallets or skids beneath boxes to prevent moisture.

• Use cushioning like newspaper or bubble wrap but don’t overstuff cartons.

• For maximum efficiency and organization, leave a walkway to the rear of the storage unit, situate commonly used items closest to the door and label all cartons appropriately.

• Create a list of the labeled cartons, which will serve as an easy reference when transporting cartons and will simplify your life greatly on moving day.




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