Styling Your Home with Sculptural Pots and Vases

The perfect planter can be used to complement your space.
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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Plant pots and vases can be stand-alone pieces of art, but they are also a great way to accentuate house plants and flower arrangements while adding character to your home. The perfect planter can be used to highlight the color scheme within a home or act as the focal point of a coffee table. Here’s a selection of trendy shapes, colors and sizes that are sure to complement any space.

From left to right:

A. and D. Nordom Glass Box Set, $150, from HomeWorld Furniture

B. Sage Split Leaf Candle Holder, $66, from HomeWorld Furniture

C. Silver Candle Holder, $60, from Red Knot, with 12-inch Grass Orb, $55, from HomeWorld Furniture

E. Sage Asymmetrical Metal Vase, $94, from HomeWorld Furniture

F. Ceramic Bottle in Gray, $49, from Ashley Furniture HomeStore

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