Taking Your Energy-Saving Commitments to the Next Level

Hawaii Energy’s recommendations for maximum Earth-saving impact.
Photo: Getty Images

As the worry around climate change grows, you might be looking for bigger ways to make a positive impact on our planet. Reducing energy consumption is a great bet, and there are a few things you can do beyond swapping out lightbulbs – all it takes is a little creativity.

As temperatures rise and more and more families view air conditioning as a necessity, Hawaii Energy says it’s important to be smart about your energy usage. “There are ways to use energy efficiently in your home without having to drastically change your habits,” says Brian Kealoha, executive director of Hawaii Energy. “For example, mini-split air conditioners are far more efficient than through the wall or room A/Cs. You can also use a timer to shut off your A/C midway through the night or turn on a few minutes before coming home.”  

In addition to monitoring how electricity is used in the home, Kealoha points to managing when it is used. “Since a large amount of our state’s renewable energy comes from solar, we have to find ways to use more energy during the day, when it’s being produced, and less during the evening,” Kealoha says. 

To help limit energy use at night — including during peak hours, when people typically use the most energy — Kealoha suggests incorporating automatic timers via smart home technology, which has rapidly advanced over the past few years. “You can also charge your EV during the day or set a smart dishwasher to run later in the evening. By making green decisions now, you’ll be well prepared and adjusted for when the utility introduces different time-of-use rate structures, which means that you’ll pay less for energy used during nonpeak hours.”

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