The Top Home Design Trends of 2022

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spacious Japandi bathroom with stand alone tub
The American Standard Studio S Collection helps capture the Japandi style in the bathroom. Photo: Courtesy of American Standard at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

It’s exciting to find out the latest trends and how we might want to include it in our spaces. We looked through the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery’s Trends & Influences, an annual guide to the hottest appliances, lighting and plumbing, and asked industry experts for their take on what’s trending in home design. 


Japandi design marries minimalism, comfort and beauty — bringing Scandinavian functionality and Japanese elegance together. See here for more about this new design trend. 

neutral, wood-tone kitchen

This neutral, wood-tone kitchen was designed by Carolyn Pace Design and features cabinetry from Hawaii Kitchen & Bath. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino 


“Organic and natural spaces will dominate the kitchen space in 2022,” says Cris Johnson of Hawaii Kitchen & Bath. “Think nature-inspired wood-tones and warmer hues.”  

Johnson shares that open-concept spaces with modern designs and clean, minimal aesthetics will continue to be on-trend. “Large windows will be incorporated to increase natural light with the addition of large sliding doors, opening to a nearby patio area, for an outdoor living space,” she says. “Larger islands are being designed for prep areas as well as a flexible space to use” for business, bills or homework. 

bathroom that features a vibrant backsplash

This Moorhead & Company bathroom features a vibrant backsplash for a pop of color. Photo: Hawkins Biggins Photography, Courtesy of Moorhead & Company Inc. 


“The trend in home renovation, especially kitchen and bathrooms this year, is all about creating one-of-a-kind spaces,” says J.R. Moorhead of Moorhead & Company Inc. “That means no one else’s place looks like yours. How do you do this? You customize everything. Each light, each sink, each faucet, each space, has something unique about it.” 

For a standout kitchen, Moorhead recommends having multitone cabinets — blue and white is a popular color combo — balanced with white quartz countertops, a glass subway tile backsplash and varying fixtures from different places. “People like to express their individualism by being unique,” he adds. “In a bathroom, you can get really creative with tile if you want to be different.” 

Marshall Hickox of Homeworks Construction believes that people want to personalize and differentiate their homes, but in a manner that’s not ostentatious. “Having spent more time at home this year, I feel people have become more in tune with what they want out of their living space: personal, comfortable, manageable, and most importantly, functional,” he says. 

Ceiling-Mount Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler Purist Suspended Ceiling-Mount Kitchen Faucet has a fully adjustable hose with 180-degree rotation. Photo: Courtesy of Kohler at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery


Create a hotter kitchen by incorporating the latest improvements. Appliances are more advanced than ever with voice activation and mobile app control. There’s also built-in customization and integration. 

“Homeowners are opting for complete custom fabricated cabinetry for more flexibility with design and features. To keep the open feel of a kitchen, homeowners are mixing wood floating shelves with upper cabinetry,” says Johnson.  

You’ll find matching appliances and cabinetry, built-in pantries, deep drawers with pullouts and unique designs that’ll include everyone in your family, including your pets. “Pets are considered in the planning of cabinetry with designated spaces for food and even a niche space within the island or adjacent area for pets to nap,” says Johnson. 

Quartz remains the top countertop choice and touchless faucets are on everyone’s wish list. Matte black, brass, brushed finishes and other metals are in high demand.  

modern kitchen with updated amenities

Photo: Courtesy of Signature Hardware at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery


Fixtures with modern finishes add a bit of flair to this kitchen, which pairs together black and gold lighting with a Signature Hardware Caribana Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet in brushed gold to create a cohesive and chic look.  

The Legrand adorne® Wave™ Switch with Hands-Free Technology

The Legrand adorne® Wave™ Switch with Hands-Free Technology lets you control lights with the wave of your hand. Photo: Courtesy of Legrand at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery


It’s no surprise that hygiene and wellness are top priorities these days. People want their homes to be safe and spotless. Today’s innovations can help you clean better and faster, leaving more time on your hands. 

microwave door in updated kitchen

The Bosch 800 Series Microwave Drawer opens and closes with a push of a button. Photo: Courtesy of Bosch at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery 


Versatile spaces and durable products are key to an enduring home. “By far the most in demand trend we are experiencing now is the desire for long-lasting, low-maintenance products,” shares Hickox. 

“These would be the continued use of LVT flooring, quartzite surface product, as well as energy-efficient appliances, AC and water heaters, such as heat exchange hybrid types.” 

Designing for the future is essential, whether it’s with state-of-the-art technology or universal design elements. Creating an inclusive abode will allow you and others to age in place peacefully. 

grandmillenial-style bathroom

The James Martin Vanities Brittany Vanity with Bristol Rectangular Mirror adds to the grandmillennial style in the room. Photo: Courtesy of James Martin at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery 


Coined by House Beautiful, grandmillennial — combining the words grandma and millennial — is the latest interior design trend that’s all about embracing the old and new. It’s “granny chic,” with 20- to 30-somethings adopting old-school styles, like floral wallpaper, mixed patterns and vintage brass. 

gold hardware in updated bathroom

The Signature Hardware Lentz Collection brings in some gold shine to this outstanding bath with a stand-alone tub, beverage center and sleek black and white aesthetic. Photo: Courtesy of Signature Hardware at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery


“Baths have become the sanctuary space with more master baths increasing in size from previous years,” says Johnson. “The addition of stand-alone tubs, larger walk-in showers and separate dressing areas have turned the master bath into a spa experience.”  

Custom storage solutions allow homeowners to have a seamlessly designed space, with walk-in dressing areas and closets that match the cabinetry, shares Johnson. There’s also a demand for separate makeup counters, multiple sinks and interior cabinet accessories. 

home office with a view

Homeworks Construction designed this home office with a view. Photo: Scott Kubo, Courtesy of Homeworks Construction 


“This past year has seen the new work-from-home movement, creating a need for an office space and for the first time even a concern for lighting and how it will affect videoconferencing,” says Hickox.  

Parents are asking for an area where kids can study at home, away from the kitchen counter or dining room table, shares Hickox.  

“We had many parents with younger children that had to work in shifts to take care of the children so they could work from home undisturbed,” he adds. In these cases, we were needing to create isolated offices so one parent could work out of sight and sound.” 

gas barbeque in spacious backyard

The Edgestar Built-In 36-inch Natural Gas Grill with Double Access Door and 15-inch Outdoor Ice Machine is a great addition to your outdoor dining experience. Photo: Courtesy of Edgestar at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery


Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces to increase your living area and allow for seamless entertaining year-round. Have guests mingle inside before stepping outside for the party. Don’t forget to have a well-lit area and proper seating. Keep yourself involved in the festivities by moving the cooking to the outdoor kitchen. 

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