There’s Room to Bloom in this Kitchen

A kitchen blossoms into a bright and clean space for a family of three.
Photos: Leah Friel

When contemplating renovations to her home, Michelle Maeda had simply written off the idea as a dream that might or might not happen. But when the pipes and plumbing needed immediate attention, she saw it as her chance to act. “It gave us an obvious opportunity to upgrade the kitchen,” she says.

Maeda, who owns a floral design company called Flower Girls Hawaii, shares this two-story house on a hill with her husband and son. Tight quarters made it difficult for the family to fully enjoy their kitchen; the goal of this renovation was to create a workable space.

Hhr 03 20 1024x641 Kitchenallthingsnew4Together, glossy white acrylic cabinets, a glazed ceramic tile backsplash and prefabricated granite countertop provide a clean, modern look to this kitchen.

After hearing the positive results of a friend’s kitchen remodel, Maeda reached out to All Things New for the build, which then recommended Blueprint 808 Architecture for the design.

“The collaboration with Blueprint 808 Architecture helped us help the homeowner,” says Richard Breaux of All Things New. “The professional, knowledgeable service given by Andrew [Forman] helped make the process a lot smoother.”

“The communication is constant and clear throughout the process,” says Andrew Forman of Blueprint 808 Architecture on working with All Things New.

With a limited footprint and a budget in place, the team made arrangements to fulfill the family’s wants and needs.

“The wish list included opening up the kitchen to the living areas, relocating appliances for improved functionality and eliminating upper cabinets at the island,” says Forman. “The new island would be multifunctional and include pendant lights for prep work and dining.”

The once closed-off room was completely gutted — including the removal of a wall between the kitchen and living area — revealing an open and connected space. Appliances and fixtures, like the refrigerator and sink, were relocated to improve the overall flow and function.

For the look of the space, Maeda focused on clean, modern materials. Acrylic glossy white cabinets and prefabricated granite countertops were among the pieces chosen. “We love the color and natural design,” Maeda says of the countertop selection.

Hhr 03 20 1024x641 Kitchenallthingsnew
This cozy nook has wall hooks to hold keys and a memo board for important notes and reminders.

A large format ceramic tile was selected for the backsplash, something different from the typical subway tile you would see, shares Maeda. A mix of gold hardware stands out against the white cabinetry and adds a bit of flair. “I think the small details make a difference,” she says.

“The clean and sleek elements from the hardware to the tile layout, to the color scheme, gives an overall feel of calm while the flow makes movement in the kitchen freer,” shares Breaux.

The renovation has made it easier for the family to enjoy cooking and entertaining in their new kitchen. “Our idea of a renovation was to improve the look of the kitchen. I had no idea it would change our lifestyle and our mood,” says Maeda. “It’s just pleasant to come home now. We’re all a bit more relaxed and we all make an effort to keep it clean. I can sit at the island with a cup of coffee and just relax and enjoy being there.”

Where To Get It

Appliances: Existing LG appliances

Backsplash: Composition Glazed Ceramic in providential gloss, from Daltile

Cabinetry: Acrylic Glossy White, from Golden Cabinets & Stone Inc.

Countertop: Prefabricated Granite in Namib sky blue, from Selective Stone LLC

Hardware: Etsy

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