These 4 Plants Provide Natural Privacy

Green screen.
Photos: David Croxford

Grow your own security screen to make your home feel more secluded and peaceful. Plants that double as natural barriers are great alternatives to fences and walls, and they’re more affordable too. Steve Dewald of Steve’s Gardening Service shares his suggestions for the best plants that create privacy.

Hybrid Clumping Bamboo Varieties

When planted in rows, bamboo provides a nice privacy hedge. Those that are of the clumping variety won’t spread too far from the planting zone. They grow tall — and fast — so there will be some leaf debris, shares Dewald. Minimal care and maintenance is required.

palm tree

Macarthur Palm Trees

For a tropical mood, try Macarthur palms, a popular species that can naturally conceal your front or backyard. These sturdy trees grow in clusters and thrive in sun or shade.

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Podocarpus plants can soar high once fully grown. “It’s very hardy once established,” says Dewald. In ideal conditions — regular watering, sunshine and light weeding/pruning, for instance — Podocarpus plants grow large and last a long time.

texas privet hedges

Texas Privet Hedges

These quick-growing, robust hedges provide a deep green feel. Texas privet hedges are formal hedges, meaning they have a uniformed, neat look. They should be well-maintained, clipped and planted closely together.

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