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Modern island home essentials.
Live Beautiful Home (1)
Photos: Aaron K. Yoshino

The simple and serene aesthetic at Live Beautiful Home in Kailua remains, only now there’s more of it. The store recently expanded, which means more product offerings, like pieces by Kailua ceramicist Sealily. These U-shaped and organic vases range from $40 to $125 depending on the size and intricacy of the piece.

“What’s so incredible about these handmade designs is their functionality to hold hardier stems and foliage in a beautifully sculptural way,” says store owner Alicia Sword. “But they also look beautiful as a décor piece when not in use.”

Live Beautiful Home (2)

Also new to the store are European linens, Turkish cotton blankets and throw pillows, which range from $80 to $320. “Both of these materials are lightweight and breathable, which make them perfect for Hawaii’s weather,” Sword says.

 Live Beautiful Home is located at 438 Uluniu St., Kailua.

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