4 Major Areas You Need to Clean Up Before the End of the Year

Keep your spaces maintained inside and out.
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The end of the year offers homeowners a great chance to tackle periodic home maintenance projects. It’s easy to let routine tasks slip by, so take the time to consider what you need to do to keep everything working well — and to prevent small, fixable issues from setting you up for bigger repairs. Here are a few suggestions to ensure your home is in peak shape before 2021.

Clear the air

AC maintenance

Over time, dust and dirt can build up on your AC filter. If your filter is still generally functional, it can be removed, soaked in water and vinegar, and rinsed and returned. If your filter has visible damage, or if soaking it doesn’t get it clean, then you probably need a replacement. Alternatives to AC also need cleaning — the whole-house fan offered by Island Cooling doesn’t require any kind of internal maintenance, but the vents need cleaning like any other screen to keep grime from blocking airflow.

Scrub your shutters  

shutters maintenance

Dust easily accumulates on window shutters, but be careful when wiping them down. Lorraine Iwasaki of Island Shutters recommends removing any loose dust and dirt first, using a vacuum with a brush attachment or a dry dusting agent like a Swiffer. For a more thorough cleaning, use a mild dishwashing soap, like Dawn, and a little water to get shutters looking like new again, without scratching the surface.

Deep clean

deep cleaning

Kitchens and bathrooms need more than just a good floor scrubbing and cupboard clearing. You likely already have white vinegar and baking soda, which works wonders on dirty sinks and drains. Beyond what you already have in your cupboard, using the right tools for the job is important: Use bleach and a grout brush to scrub grimy spots, and apply a grout sealer to problem areas biannually. Stone sealers are also important — natural stone countertops need annual sealing to keep them stain-resistant. Hardware Hawaii stocks a wide variety of cleaning supplies.

Raise the roof

roof maintenance

Professional roof inspectors can determine the integrity of your roof and offer estimates as to when it’ll need replacing. If you have solar panels, installation and repair can cause damage, so checking your roof is definitely worth your while. It’s also a good move if you’re planning on selling; for those looking to up their home’s value, Kapili Roofing & Painting offers an opportunity to take care of two major improvement projects at once.

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