4 Tips for a Cat-Friendly Home

Plan the purr-fect abode for your pet.
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With quirky personalities and adorably bewildering behaviors, cats make great pets for homeowners who are seeking fun and friendly furry companions.

Safety and comfort are the most important things to keep in mind when creating a cat haven at home. But keeping your furniture and home spaces in good condition amid your cat’s random activities is important too.

Here are some general tips for homeowners with cats.

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Basic Necessities

Select an area of your home where your cat can eat and drink, away from a lot of noise and foot traffic. Commit to one spot for food and water, as cats tend to be averse to sudden changes in their routines. Store cat food and treats in cabinets that are either high up or have handles that make them harder to open — cats are smart enough to get into just about anything!

One of the most important rules for cat owners is to place your cat’s litter box in a separate spot away from its food and water. Designate a litter box space that is quiet, well-ventilated and has ample lighting — the corner of a bathroom, guest bedroom or your living room are some options. Installing a night light and having more than one litter box might be good ideas as well.

Safety First

Many cat owners can attest to the frustration of cats knocking over anything they see on countertops, tables and shelves. To keep your cat and family safe, remove breakable dishes and décor such as glass frames, ceramic vases and mirrors from areas your cat frequents.

Additional tips to ensure your home is cat-safe:

  • Opt for artificial plants (real ones can be toxic; even if they’re not, your cat might be allergic to them).
  • Keep medicines and harsh cleaning products securely stored away.
  • Install a screened-off area on your porch or patio for comfortable outdoor exploration.
  • Regularly check potentially dangerous places that your cat can sneak into, such as spaces in and around appliances.

Behavioral Enrichment

Cats are hunters by design, and they require time each day to exercise their physical and mental prowess. Vertical activity centers such as scratching posts and climbing towers work well for that. Another option is constructing ergonomic shelving that can serve as both storage for your items and as a place for your cat to climb up and down for exercise. Keep a stash of toys around, such as some of our locally made favorites from Knead & Paw.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

For homeowners with cats, a consistent cleaning regimen is a must. Brush your cat regularly to prevent excessive shedding on furniture, floors and carpets. Vacuuming twice a week is recommended — or use long-handle adhesive rollers as a quick fix to pick up cat hair in between vacuumings. To keep pet odors at bay, try sprinkling baking soda onto your furniture or carpeting and let it sit for 20 minutes before vacuuming. Lastly, explore options to protect your furniture from cat scratches.

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