8 Color Trends by Benjamin Moore 

​​Here’s how​​​​ to incorporate these popular ​paint ​hues in your home. 
Photos: Courtesy of Benjamin Moore, Shutterstock

Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2023 presents bright and bold colors that will spark creativity and individuality in any space. Check out the eight colors in this year’s palette.  



This deep chocolate hue has hints of brown, black and violet. It’s a perfect pairing for rooms with predominantly neutral walls to bring balance. According to paint experts at Benjamin Moore, it’s best used on exteriors for a rich update, in kitchens to create a focal point or on living room walls. 

Bm Fk Ct23 B14 Cinnamon Rgb

CINNAMON 2174-20 

This color is a rich brown with orange undertones. It’s warm and will remind you of a cozy autumn day. Spice up your kitchen with Cinnamon-colored walls and ceiling, add an accent wall to your living room or paint your guest room in this inviting color.   

Bm Fk Ct23 B05 Savannahgreen Rgb


A yellow-green with hints of gold, it plays well with neutrals and makes a unique statement. This whimsical and dramatic hue is perfect for an art studio, home office or dining room.   

Bm Fk Ct23 B11 Northseagreen Rgb


Having this on your walls will inspire oohs and aahs. Update your bathroom with this tranquil green or use it to turn your bedroom into a soothing getaway. This blue-green shade evokes relaxation with additional gray-blue notes.  

Bm Fk Ct23 B08 Starrynightblue Rgb


A shade of blue that resembles navythe dark indigo of dusk and ink — Starry Night Blue adds romance to any space. Bringing depth and dimension to your walls, this hue is sure to captivate. Use it on your kitchen cabinets and pair it with White Heron on the walls. Or use it in your living room and accent the walls with velvet blue furnishings.  

Bm Fk Ct23 B07 Conchshell Rgb


Beachy, gentle and reminiscent of sepia tone, Conch Shell inspires thoughts of sunsets captured by a vintage film camera, says Andrea Mango, color marketing and development director at Benjamin Moore. The color is comforting and perfect for hallways, entryways and transitional spaces. It can also work in your powder room and even on the walls and trim of your living room.  

Bm Fk Ct23 B13 Newage Rgb

NEW AGE 1444 

Cue a hue that is light purple with a drop of gray. It’s on the softer side of the Color Trends 2023 palette and appears both gray and lavender, depending on the lighting. Consider using this on an accent wall, in your bathroom or bedroom, or any place where you relax and unwind.  

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