Bathroom Bursts

Experts pick soothing color combinations.
Built by Homeworks Construction Inc., this Diamond Head home bathroom uses a neutral palette to create a soothing, serene feel for the space. Photo: Courtesy of Homeworks Construction Inc.

We asked Elyse Grable of Homeworks Construction and Ryan Graham of Graham Builders about what color combinations they would most recommend for bathrooms.

1. Shades of Grays

“They’re popular now and for good reason,” says Grable. “They offer a clean, contemporary look. Paired with white trim, grays ensure a contrast to brighten up any room. Painted cabinets or a stained-wood vanity work nicely with these colors.”

2. Soothing Hues

“Relax after a hectic day with seafoam and white hues,” says Graham. “Homeowners have an easy time coordinating linens and accessories with these modern neutrals. Increase color saturation if the bathroom is highly lit with broad windows or strong lighting.”

3. Stay Neutral

“It’s an agreeable and safe color palette,” says Grable. “It offers a realm of possibilities in the bathroom. Using neutral-colored flooring, countertops and cabinetry allows for color to be introduced with accessories such as a shower curtain and artwork. You can also add a colored glass tile as an accent band in the shower and countertop backsplash to add a splash of color.”

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