Bursting with Color

Inspiration for a room makeover.
Photos: David Croxford

We love color. Oh, yes, we do. But we know it can be difficult sometimes to select a color or theme for a room. That’s why we’ve rounded up some looks to jumpstart your project.

Keep It Classic

What’s black and white with a touch of color? Your next room makeover, if you prefer this classic color combination. This monochromatic look is anything but boring. Try a style that’s timeless and all at once sleek, disciplined and sophisticated.

Get This Look:
1. Alls Peony/Sedum In A Vase, $144,C. S. Wo & Sons.
2. Stoneware Salad Plate, $17, Eden In Love.
3. Mug, $15, Eden in Love.
4. Elephant Salt and Pepper Shaker Set,$16, Eden in Love.
5. Resin Eiffel Tower Bookend, $50, HomeWorld Furniture.

Want More?
1. Flocked Honeycomb Pillows, $36 each, Red Knot.
2. Rifle Prints 8×10, $29, and Rifle Paper Art Prints 8×10, $28, Eden In Love.
3. Basket Wire Chair, $298, Echo & Atlas.
4. Isola Coffee Table Set Glass Tabletop Black With Chrome, $469, INspiration Interiors.
5. Curly Ball Lantern, $75, HomeWorld Furniture.
6. Band Cut Vase 10”, $57, C. S. Wo & Sons.
7. Dog Paw Bowl, $26, Eden In Love.

Vibrant Medley

Be bold and add a variety of color to your home. Make neutral rooms pop with brighter hues, and add subdued hues to tone down bright colors. Or maybe you just need a splash of color somewhere. Either way, this next move is yours.

Get This Look:
1. Dreamcatcher, $45, MORI by Art + Flea.
2. Dog Décor Piece, $35, Pier 1.
3. Décor Spheres, $7–$10, Pier 1.
4. Kim Sielbeck Print, $25, MORI by Art + Flea.
5. Honeysuckle Candle, $19, Pier 1.

Want More?
1. Stoneware Cream Pitcher, $16, and Stoneware Square Plate, $18, Eden in Love.
2. Imax Aramis Mosaic Box, $24, C. S. Wo & Sons.
3. Bobin Table Lamp in Red, $99, Red Knot.
4. Bolo Glass Vases, $65–$70, C. S. Wo & Sons.
5. Petal Arm Chair in Orange, $278, Red Knot.
6. Circles and Squares Pillow, Teori Yellow and White Pillow, $39 each, Red Knot.

Natural Beauties

Take your love for nature and the outdoors, and use it as a palette to color your home in plants and blooms. It’s easy bringing the organic and rustic feel indoors. Plus, check out these nature-inspired accessories and beauty products.

Get This Look:
1. Mercury Vase (Large), $149, Red Knot.
2. Mercury Vase (Small), $99, Red Knot.
3. Wild Hart Paper Print, $15, Ginger13.
4. Samudra Clutch, $68, Owens & Co.
5. Kim Sielbeck Paper Mache Cacti Plants, $65 each, MORI by Art + Flea.
6. Flower Diffuser, $64, C. S. Wo & Sons.

Want More?
1. Tin Recipe Box, $39, Eden In Love.
2. Timberkai.co Paw Slumber (Small), $300, MORI by Art + Flea.
3. Aluminum Leaf Tray Set in Gold, $85, HomeWorld Furniture.
4. Urban Dwelling Chair, $119, Red Knot.
5. Wood Accent Table, $195 each, C. S. Wo & Sons.
6. Shea Butter Soaps, $5 each, Owens & Co.

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