Home Planning: With local expert Maria Gacula of HPM Building Supply

Here's a useful road map for successful home planning in the islands.
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Planning a new home can be a daunting process;  many local homeowners feel hindered by permitting, labor and the availability of materials in Hawaii. Maria Gacula, home planning program manager for HPM Building Supply, shares a useful road map for successful home planning in the islands. 

“Home planning should begin with a little self-reflection and research,” says Gacula. “Get to know where you plan on living so you know what kind of canvas you have to work with. What’s the neighborhood like? Does it enhance or challenge your lifestyle and work commute? Is the lot cleared? Does it (or will it) have a view?”

“HPM is a resource and guide for those interested in home planning information, design or materials.”

Maria Gacula, HPM Building Supply

Lifestyle, the number of occupants, as well as design and style preferences should factor in to your home plan early on, notes Gacula. After that, it’s wise to map out a budget, financing options and a rough timeline for drafting, permitting and building. 

The home planning process is simplified for homeowners and builders when they visit HPM, on-site or online. “HPM is a resource and guide for those interested in home planning information, design or materials,” says Gacula. “Our knowledgeable teams have decades of experience designing and planning all aspects of the home.” Whether you are starting with a bare lot, or you’re just interested in renovating a kitchen or bath, HPM’s specialists will help you move your project forward. 

HPM offers a unique selection of 16 packaged homes that are easily customized to fit your property requirements and design preferences. HPM’s in-house designers help customize home designs, and partners with a trusted portfolio of local professionals to prepare construction documents. “What sets us apart is our in-house drafting, design coordination and free performance bonding services,” says Gacula. A bonding service is a form of insurance for qualified parties involved in the building of your home. Performance bonds provide assurance to subcontractors and suppliers that payment will be made, potentially leading to lower prices for homeowners. 

Once the home plan and customizations are finalized, HPM’s home planners help clients obtain necessary building permits and solicit bids for licensed general contractors and subcontractors. Clients then work with a team to ensure building materials are delivered on schedule. 

The best way to ensure a successful home planning project is to build a good team with professionals you can trust. The stronger the relationship, the easier it is to communicate and share your joy as well as your frustrations. “At HPM, we value strong relationships with our homeowners and builders,” says Gacula. “From beginning to end, our team has a desire to bring joy and meaning to any home project in Hawaii.”  

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