Preserve your outdoor paint job

Keep your home looking vibrant with three simple tips from industry professionals.
Photo: Aaron Yoshino

So you’ve finally painted the house after much deliberation, and you love the color. But with the harsh sun beaming down and the salty breezes blowing by, how do you maintain the color and finish of your home years after it’s been painted? 

“Maintenance of house paint is actually something that every homeowner should consider,” says Keith Adams, owner of All Weather Surfaces Hawaii. Though not as demanding as a car or a boat, the walls of your home could use a little upkeep to prevent it from deteriorating prematurely. Follow the tips below to keep your home looking fresh and colorful.

Location, Location, Location


“Nothing could be more important than knowing that the location of your home will affect the type and frequency of the different means of maintenance required,” says Adams. A home along Hawaii’s coastline will face different weather conditions compared to a home high up in the mountains. 

If you live near the ocean, Adams recommends washing your home off with fresh water to remove the salt buildup that accumulates over time. If living in a valley or on a mountain, treat your home with a 10-to-1 water-to-bleach solution to fight mildew and algae that could eat your paint job.

Back to Basics


Adams recommends treating your exterior painted surfaces at least once a year with a diluted bleach and water solution to keep it from degrading and to extend its life for many years to come. This is also a good time to inspect the paint for any cracks or damage.  

Cleaning your painted interior surfaces is a simpler task.  All it requires is a little care every other year with a bottle of Simple Green® and a kitchen sponge, Adams says. Because interior paint is not exposed to harsh weather conditions like that of exterior paints, these surfaces don’t need as much attention to maintain their color. 

Prepare to Paint. Again. 


Despite your best efforts, it’s important to remember that all paint jobs will eventually need to be retouched and refinished. A quality paint job should generally last about 5 years, suggests Adams. After that, it becomes a matter of preference as to how badly you feel your home needs a touch-up. But don’t wait too long: “Your roof and exterior paint are the two biggest things that protect your home from the elements,” says Brennan Leong of Kapili Roofing & Painting. Proper maintenance and upkeep “will help to ensure the integrity and longevity of your family’s home,” he adds.  

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