Garage Door Insights and Upgrades with Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors

Local experts share why a garage door investment is valuable for your home.
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Hawaii homeowners are discovering that a garage door upgrade can often add a “wow” factor that takes a home’s exterior appearance to a whole new level. Studies have consistently shown that replacing your garage door is the single most cost-effective improvement, with the best return on investment should you ever sell your home. Here, our team at Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors shares insights on choosing and installing the right garage doors for your home.

In what ways have garage doors evolved in design and functionality? 

Thirty years ago, garage doors all looked basically the same — raised panels with possibly a glass top section. Today’s new designs offer thousands of options, including midcentury modern, mixed-panel designs, carriage house looks, traditional raised panels and gorgeous all-glass and aluminum doors.  These options let you select a beautiful and unique garage door upgrade that will transform your home’s appearance.

What installation and construction methods do we utilize to ensure durability in the long run?

Most garage door change-outs can be completed in one or two days. New construction methods using foamed-in-place solid cores mean your new door will be stronger, more dent-resistant and much quieter. The best doors come with nylon ball bearing rollers instead of the metal-on-metal or plastic stem rollers common on older doors. The highly corrosive Hawaii salt air means you will want a lifetime warranty against surface rust on the exterior of your door.

Do our garage doors integrate with remote operating and home technology?

Just like the other electronics in your home, your garage door opener can be operated with an app on your smartphone. This app can notify you each time your door is opened or closed, and gives you the ability to monitor and operate your door anywhere your smartphone is operational.

What sets us apart from other companies?

With limitless modern garage door choices, partnering with a company like Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors that has a long reputation of excellent work in Hawaii, whose experience includes new construction and renovations, and who can listen to what you want and help you select the perfect door for your home will be the key to your new door being all that you hope for.

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