This Home’s Backyard Provides Seaside Serenity

A pool adds new life to this Kaneohe Bay home.
02-14 Featured Seaside Serenity
Photos: David Croxford

In many cases, landscapes are the final touch for making a house into a perfect home. For homeowners who gravitate toward the water, one of the more exciting additions to a yard can be a new pool.

The backyard of this Kaneohe home had a perfect waterfront view, but an array of native bushes and plants blocked the home’s access to the bay, plus the slope was dangerously steep. The functional area of the vast yard was also empty, with barely any plants or furniture to give it a welcoming feeling. This homeowner knew he had to make an upgrade. Enter Clifton Crawford of C & J Contracting.

Crawford worked closely with the homeowner to help make his dream yard into a reality. C & J Contracting took about three months — from planning to the installation of the pool — to complete this project. “The homeowner wanted to create a beautiful, appealing, dynamic pool that would be a focal point of the property,” says Crawford.

Materials used in the home as well as the surrounding natural elements of Kaneohe Bay inspired the final look of the pool. “We wanted to grab the ocean and bring it into the backyard,” says Crawford. A diamond-bright Tahoe-blue plaster was used to imitate the color of the water. Step lights were installed to illuminate the pool at night. The bull-nose coping was placed on the house side because the quartz tiling was similar to the exterior tiles of the home. The edge of the pool near the bay was outlined with a rock finish that was similar to the fishpond below.

The pool features a spa and a large shallow area, perfect for kids. A shelf was also added to provide a seating area for admiring the sunset over the bay, perhaps even with an outdoor lunch or dinner. Last but not least, C & J Contracting added a fire pit and tiki torches to complement the tropical theme. These attractive fire features create a warm ambiance for nights with a cool breeze. As contrasting elements, fire and water together bring about a balance that doesn’t overwhelm the look of the home.

Whether it’s being renovated or installed, a pool offers a multitude of options for Hawaii residents, from recreational swimming to entertaining guests at a party. Whether it’s taking a dip on a nice, sunny day, or gathering around the fire pit on cooler evenings, there’s a little bit of something for all ages.

3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

1. Adequate Space. Be realistic about the size of your pool. How much of it can fit in the area you plan to use? Are there things that might need to be removed? Do you plan to landscape or add a lounging area?

2. Aesthetics and Environment. Homeowners should take into consideration the type of environment they want to create. Whether it’s a tropical environment or a contemporary look, work closely with an expert to get it just right.

3. Purpose. Pools can be used for various things. Are you an avid swimmer? Will it mostly be used by kids? Or do you just enjoy the simple feeling of dipping your feet in the pool after a long day? Homeowners should have a sense of the different ways of using a pool before making the investment.

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