A Concrete Solution to Dull Flooring

Revitalize your floors with periodic polishing.
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Photo: Leah Friel

Polished concrete flooring is a trend that has dominated in large-scale commercial applications, and lately, the shiny, polished flooring has been rising in popularity among homeowners seeking a sleek, industrial look for their living spaces.

Polished concrete flooring is low maintenance and eases some of the worries that come with other flooring products. Dust is easily swept away and stains, dents and water damage are highly unlikely. “Homeowners can use something as simple as a Swiffer broom with mild cleaning solution and water,” says Richard Gryde of Classic Concrete Polishing, a locally owned company that helps homeowners revitalize concrete with budget- and eco-conscious applications. He adds that it is important to avoid using acidic cleaning solutions that could ruin the polish.

In addition to simple home maintenance, homeowners should have their concrete polished professionally every couple of years and can select their preferred shine or gloss level. A high-gloss finish gives a glasslike effect, the shiniest selection. While it has a glassy look, Classic Concrete Polishing adds a protective layer to create a non-slip surface for safety.

“If you’re looking for a cost-effective flooring option, high quality of service and a beautiful project, we’re here to help,” Gryde says. “A properly maintained polished concrete floor will last a lifetime.”

Fast Fact

Classic Concrete Polishing uses a dry-disposal machine that vacuums up to 95% of all dust that results from polishing, making it an eco-friendly process.


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