Open Up to the Possibility of New Cabinets

A range of options make cabinetry accessible for any budget.

Cabinets are more than just a place to store your things; they can visually set the tone for your home’s kitchen or bath, providing better functionality while using the space.

A wide range of materials, features and customizations — along with a wide range of price points — are available for cabinets, from standard quick fixes to custom, top-of-the-line systems.

HawaiiUSA FCU recommends homeowners set a budget before selecting cabinets, a critical first step when planning a renovation. Stay within budget by creating a simple spreadsheet to track spending throughout the process.

Factors to Consider

Smaller is Not Cheaper
Several small cabinets cost significantly more than fewer, larger cabinets in the same space, and adjustable shelves cost more than fixed shelves.

Professional Install
Attempting to save money by installing cabinets yourself is more difficult than it looks. Plan for your cabinet dealer or contractor to install your cabinets.

“It’s always exciting to move forward with your dream kitchen or bath remodel. We’ll help you choose your best financing and budgeting solutions.”
— Joy Viana, Waipahu Branch Manager, HawaiiUSA FCU

$   $6,000  Venetian wenge 

This kitchen condo was remodeled with Venetian wenge cabinets in a textured laminate finish, designed by Corrine Tadaki Davis of Plus Interiors. “We dressed it up a little,” Davis says, noting the frosted glass doors and open shelves. “We made it a little bit fun so the owner could enjoy his kitchen.”

Pro Tip: “Don’t think of laminate as low end anymore, because laminate now spans the whole range of budgets,” Davis says.

$$   $18,000  Sandbank

This kitchen’s Sandbank cabinets are made with a higher-end textured laminate finish. The cabinets are loaded with hidden features that, while convenient, come at a higher cost. Features include a double trash-can pullout drawer, maple dovetail-constructed drawer boxes with full extension and soft-close drawer glides, and roll-out shelves in the pantry.

Pro Tip: New hardware in your cabinets can eliminate the need for handles, while adding useful features for easily accessible storage.

 $$$   $38,000+  Koa

“I call it heavenly koa,”Davis says, noting it is a top-of-the-line material. She says when working with high-end material like koa, it is a must to do grain matching, also known as sequencing, where the grain of the wood matches from the drawer to the door. “It makes the kitchen more beautiful, and it doesn’t cost more,” she says.

Pro Tip: High-end material costs more, but it pays off in beauty and elegance.

Find Your Cabinet Price Point

HawaiiUSA FCU offers a range of products to fit your cabinet budget.

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