Stay Grounded in Your Rock Garden

It brings a natural Zen-like feel to your home.
07 21 Hhr Welcome Rock Garden 1
Photos: Aaron K. Yoshino

Getting the most out of your outdoor space is about stepping outside, inhaling the fresh air and following your bliss. Adding a rock garden to your front or back yard can transform the look of your home and bring some tranquility to the overall atmosphere. 

A rock garden is a low-maintenance way to enhance your outdoors and pull you into the surrounding nature for a moment of rest. The peaceful retreats are planned around natural rock formations or rocks that are artificially arranged.  

07 21 Hhr Welcome Rock Garden 2

Each element adds a Zen-like feel — whether it’s steppingstones for a walking path; gravel that comes in a variety of colors; or plants, river rocks and ornaments that adorn your yard. Consider ornaments such as pagodas, Buddha statues or fountains, or adding low-maintenance plants like dragon’s blood stonecrop (Sedum spurium), hens and chicks plants (Sempervivum tectorum) or other types of succulents and blue fescue grass, an ornamental grass. 

You can start your own rock garden by gathering supplies from Kiso Store and Koolau Farmers. Kiso Store, located in Waipahu, carries rocks, gravel and outdoor ornaments while Koolau Farmers provides numerous garden options at its three locations. There, you’ll find everything you need for a Zen-themed space. 

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