Diamond Finger Bit is a True Tool Gem

Basic utility tool used by Todd Branson Stoneworks.
Photo: David Croxford

With well more than 300 projects each year, the diamond finger bit is used in a quarter of all jobs that Todd Branson Stoneworks does.

HOW IT WORKS: The diamond finger bit attaches to an industrial router and is used to mill out edge details in the stone.

CAPABILITIES: The diamond finger bit can core both fabricated and natural stones at 25 inches per minute and is accurate within a thousandth of an inch.

MAINTENANCE: Virtually none. Water fills the hollow core of the diamond finger bit and cools it as it cuts through stone.

DID YOU KNOW? The extreme hardness of diamond makes it an ideal material to use when cutting stone. Diamonds can also tolerate a greater amount of frictional heat than traditional carbide tips, increasing the bit’s durability and consistency.

VALUE: $190.

FAST FACT: The diamond finger bit is the smallest tool used by Todd Branson Stoneworks.

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