Radar: How You Can Make a Lasting Contribution to the Environment

Here’s our roundup of things you can do — and use — to make Earth Day every day.
Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Come April 22, many people around the globe will be celebrating Earth Day and participating in events to support environmental protection. Here’s our roundup of things you can do — and use — to make your lasting contribution to Earth Day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use reusable tote bags and wraps for lunches, avoid disposable or single-use plastics and create a compost bin at home.

Green Cleaning

Make the switch to nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products and be sure to dispose of waste properly.

1. Velcro Press Lok Bag Assorted, $10, from Simply Organized.

2. Food Kozy Wrap, large 2-pack in lime, $9, from Simply Organized.

3. Expanded Double Bento Box in mint, $40, from Simply Organized.

4. Snap Glass Round Container, 2-cup and 4-cup, $9 and $12, from Simply Organized.

5 & 6. ECOS Kitchen/Bath Cleaner in 32 oz., $6, and ECOS Hand Soap Lavender in 17 oz., $4, from City Mill.

7. Stainless Steel Drinking Straws, 2-pack, $10, from Simply Organized.

8, 9 & 10. Sea Urchin Blue Blu Bag, $10, from Simply Organized; Foldable Shopping Bag Watermelon, $8, from Simply Organized; Simply Organized Pineapple Tote, $8, from Simply Organized.

11. Fog Safe Drain Guard, $5, from City Mill.

12. OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, $20, from Simply Organized.

Other Ways to Go Green

Plant a tree, replace your lightbulbs with energy-saving ones and take shorter showers. See more tips at earthday.org.

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