Get into Gardening for National Gardening Day

It’s thyme to celebrate.
national gardening day
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You don’t have to be a professional gardener to grow a garden of your own at home. Take this national holiday as your sign to pick up the shovel and get into the dirt to create a nourishing grove of fresh herbs, produce or florals.

We’ve dug up some ideas that’ll help you get started this National Gardening Day.

gardening ideas

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There are so many benefits to having a home garden. Not only are you producing your own food, but you’re also helping the environment. See here for some stress-free strategies to starting your own one today.

song of india

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One of the best low-maintenance plants you can have is a Song of India. These plants are extremely resilient and can thrive anywhere. Learn more about these low-impact plants here.

gardening ideas

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Continuous care and intentional planning and placement are essential elements to a flourishing garden. For care tips and tricks, plus trending ideas, see here.

garden beds

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Even if you’re limited on space, you can still create a small garden bed. These locally made garden beds will make it easier for you to grow your own food at home.

rock garden

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There are many different gardens you can grow and design. For something that requires minimal care and can fit in an awkward space, consider a Japanese garden. These traditionally dry landscape gardens will bring peace to your abode. Learn more here.

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